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Le Grand Malagny - Frank Muller Estate - Geneva (CH)

150 Portraits of inspiring women

The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire Exhibition at Frank Muller Estate

Webster University Geneva celebrated its 40th anniversary with a fabulous Gala at Frank Muller Estate Saturday 23rd of March 2019. Honored to take part with The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire

Distinguished guests from around the Globe


Honored to be among the Webster Global team

Dr.Beth Stroble inducted into the Pantheon


Dr.Stroble has introduced the "Global inclusion" program at Webster Universities worldwide. 

Her message: Thanks to education we are transformed and we transform the world.

Beatrice Fihn inducted into the Pantheon


Beatrice Fihn is  the Executive Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear  Weapons (ICAN), the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning campaign coalition  that works to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. 

Her message: You are powerful, use it

Webster Geneva

Webster Geneva Faculty

The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire was born at the Geneva Campus. Thank you for inspiring me 

Thank you


Thank you to all the fabulous 150 women who shows us that diversity is empowering. That determination, cause, compassion and perseverance no matter our background or where we come from makes the world a better place for us all. 

AIC Luncheon - Hotel Metropole Geneva

Dr. Kamila Markram - addresses the AIC on International Women’s Day


We urgently need new   solutions for clean energy, sustainable development and healthy living.   In an industry where women are severely underrepresented, Kamila is   leading a scientific community of more than 500,000 of the world’s top   academics to solve these critical challenges. 

8th of March 2019. Exhibition of a selection of Portraits featuring women in Science

She outlined the role  of the academic publisher in the innovation cycle and how open science,  toge

She outlined the role  of the academic publisher in the innovation cycle and how open science,  together with AI, can result in exponential  innovation and solve any challenge the human race may face.

Dr Kamila Markram


Dr Kamila Markram introduced into The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire

Thank you


Dr Markram generously offered a written  message of hope on her portrait

An African quote: If you want to go fast; Go alone. If you want to go far; Go together

Honored to be part of this event

Dr Kamila's website

Monte Carlo Monaco Café de Paris

Namira Salim


Honored to be in company of Ms Namira Salim during a luncheon. Ms Namira Salim is an Explorer and an Astronaut". She was inducted into the Pantheon of Women Who Inspire on the 9th of February 2019 in Monte Carlo where she resides part time



Ms Namira Salim promotes peace through space

"Every astronaut has realized that "we are one humanity", we're a blue dot in a big universe and we are all one".  

Her inspiring message


"Space is the new frontier for peace on earth"

--------Geneva Center for Security Policy Foundation--------

A selection of Portraits was on display at the GCSP "Geneva Center for Security Policy Foundation" in Geneva Switzerland December 2018. 

  • Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 
  • United Nations 2030 target
  • Gender Champions


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The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire by Sema Jonsson