Women who inspire exhibition at Webster University  Geneva


Holding The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire® exhibition


In recognizing the greatness of someone we are actually celebrating the highest potential of our species.

The mission of The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire® is about using their stories to inspire the audience through the arts and to communicate compassion and tolerance through culture. 

At universities or in workplaces the portraits are placed in class rooms, offices, lounge, reception, etc to create discussions, increasing creativity and  productivity as well as reduce stress and offer healing to many challenges for management and staff and students. 

The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire® is designed to be a journey of self discovery and of self empowerment through art, human achievements and history.

Ideas and Creativity are the fuel of progress; without new, revolutionary ideas, progress sooner or later stagnates.  

Fundamental research is the one that mostly stimulates ideas and creativity, because it is curiosity driven, with no constraints from profit or delivery of specific products." -F.G (CERN)

Stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things is an incredible source of inspiration. 

Exhibiting the portraits provides & promotes a wide perspective of female contribution to the world & to economies. It’s also a highway to contribute to the UN’s 2030 targets for Gender Equality, Peace, planet, Eliminating bullying, racism, & sexual harassment. 

  •  I was moved to tears when I saw the first 100 exhibited. The power & energy of the project and of Sema were palpable to me. I understood the common thread connecting all these women was their spirit of activism for a cause and unrelenting determination -E.R
  •  Love the pop color in the lounge. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists and her story is just as beautiful, like all of these amazing women. Thanks so much -V.G
  •  Inspiring and personally motivating! It is so much in line with the needs of women today. Every woman can excel. Thank you -M.M
  •  It’s been a fantastic experience for me both professionally and personally. Your portrait project brought so much light and inspiration - J.S
  •  I am definitely missing my ladies from my office  -C.A 

Just like a medical Doctor who must save a life even if it is complicated, we have no choice but to make this planet a kinder place for us all...  

-Sema Canaan Jonsson

Motivational talks and Workshops offered by the Artist during exhibitions 

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Growing evidence shows that bringing the arts into the work & healthcare environment promotes a healing atmosphere supporting people's physical, mental and emotional recovery. It improves quality of work and staff morale. It reduces stress and offers harmony as well as allures creativity.

 Art promotes social interactions, elicits emotional responses, facilitates personal connection-making, generally enhances the workplace environment and fosters learning. 

It was in the nineteenth century, in 1859, when Florence Nightingale wrote: 

“Little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form, by colour, and light, we do know this, that they have an actual physical effect. Variety of form and brilliancy of colour in the objects presented to patients are actual means of recovery”. 

Art is one of the oldest forms of communication and self-expression. Even in the earliest days of our world, humans created works of art.

Art has always been used to help tell a story.

Today, proven research in neurosciences shows us  that creative expressions such as art are linked to our subconscious minds. For example, even if we aren’t consciously aware of certain feelings and emotions, they will often show themselves in our artistic endeavors. The reasoning behind this is that many people often find it easier to express themselves through more artistic means rather than through verbal communication.  Some times just words are not enough to heal or even process. 

Trauma, feelings and memories get stored in the body and at the part of the brain where there are no words.

Any trauma that occurred pre-verbally would also get stored as a sensory experience with little or no words. 

Motivational talks and Workshops offered by the Artist during exhibitions



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The Pantheon of Women Who Inspire by Sema Jonsson