How to best experience the Women Who Inspire exhibition

Surrender to your emotions and experience a transcendence!

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and science" A.Einstein

Surrender and accept your self as a conduit for your emotions.

Be present and allow the process to define you.

The experience starts with a "ceremony" of honoring humanity.
Walk through the "gateway" (door) where you must bow to pass.
This signifies that you humbly honor your own life and your inner self as well as others lives.

Open your heart by telling your self that you will discover your inner self through the stories of these women. Remember that the spirit has no gender.

Stand in front and a bit away from the portrait and feel the energy of love and offer compassion to the life of each woman figured on the portrait.

Read her story and imagine what she may have gone through to reach the public eye. Her challenges, passion, pain, solitude, love and hardship.
Imagine your self as her assistant and feel her passion and determination.

Stand in your own energy of loving compassion.
Open your heart to those feelings and offer her your thanks in the name of humanity in your mind if you feel to do so to honor the spirit.

"Surrendering is an emotional and physical sensation releasing the inner critic and letting go of criticism, judgment or self-condemnation.

In surrendering the person allows fear and inadequacies to exist, accepting all emotions.
Allow the love, compassion, storms and hurricanes that occurs in your being and trust the process and open your heart to the experience."


*Helps identify interpersonal triggers
*Supports self-reflection
*Increases communication, socialization and connection with others
*Increases re-evaluation and understanding of life circumstances
*Feeling the healing energy of love and compassion for your self
*Reveals who you are
*Releases the Ego and pain body
*Feelings of belonging to all humans
*Finding gratitude
*Creates AHA moments

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