You can help support this project to reach the milestone of 400 portraits within a year


Keep the artist painting to grow the Women Who Inspire® collection and to reach and inspire future young leaders in universities & schools towards compassion and tolerance via donations or sponsorship for Individual portraits. 

How you can help:

Hold an event at your Workplace or School

Your generosity and your donations are greatly appreciated for this collection to travel to continue to inspire future leaders  

You may sponsor one of the portraits representing a cause you care about 

You may support the artist by commissioning portraits of your choice 


Your support and contributions help to achieve the project’s goals to reach schools & universities worldwide, to inspire students and to support the artist to complete he collection of Women Who Inspire®

Your generosity and your donations are greatly appreciated.   

                                                            Votre support et vos contributions nous aideront à atteindre nos objectifs et à améliorer les conditions. Votre générosité et votre don nous permettront de financer notre mission.

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