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Self Discovery and Self Empowerment via visual Arts

It is all about Self discovery and self empowerment. It's about finding your essence.

We are all born artists and healers. - Sema Canaan Jonsson 

"Starting Summer-2019 ".

You can use art to self-empower or heal your self, others, some aspect of your community, or the earth - all by tapping into your creative energy that makes you alive.

This 12 week workshop is a personal journey within your self and does not involve psychology, psychotherapy, theory, diagnosis or treatment. It does not involve judgment or criticism. It does not require a trained therapist, guru or a leader. 

You do not need to believe any particular paradigm, religious dogma or spiritual belief.

You simply need to make art to heal, using your own innate creativity to take you inward on a personal healing journey.

You might believe that you are not an artist or a healer, but you are!

To create medicine art you may use any of your creative abilities such as Dancing, Cooking, Painting, drawing, sculpting, decorating, music, Writing, acting etc. 

You may not know what needs healing in you, through this workshop you will find out what is holding you back from living the life you are meant to live. Loving, compassionate, creative and even find your purpose or discover your cause and mission.

We will invoke the artist within you and tap into your creativity to help you heal from anxiety, hurt, love relationships, pain, suffering of all kinds, heavy emotions, family problems, trauma, lack of self-confidence, lack of selflove etc.

It is all confidential as you will be the only one to know what you are healing should you choose to be discrete.

You will gain clarity and a better understanding of who you truly are, gain confidence, find your purpose, gain self-love and self-respect.

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Sema hold a certificate in "Healing with the Arts" program for artist-healers at Florida University (2017) conducted by M.Samuels, MD and M Rockwood Lane, RN, PHD.

Sema may hold and conduct this workshop in several languages other than English. 

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All the above is subject to the time and effort you put in to heal or to discover your self. It will require a minimum of an hour of your "private time" a week. We will also meet once per week. (Online or in class) You may also sign up to an online course entirely with pre-recorded lectures.

"Rest assured that this will have a positive transformative effect in your life as it did with mine and thousands of others around the world" Sema C Jonsson

Start of program mid 2019


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Coming soon. Be informed by signing up to my newsletter. Healing with the arts is a 12 week program conducted by Sema.